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OWS render view.JPG

LOD 100


Conceptual mass model does not include any construction details, gives an overall understanding of the design.


LOD 200


Model has no construction details but include information such as: area, approximate shapes, sizes of elements and its quantities.


LOD 300


Model has accurate quantities, shapes, sizes of elements and specific assemblies.


LOD 350

Construction document

Model with greater amount of details such as connections, elevations, locations and structural elements.


LOD 400

Fabrication and assembly

Detailed model with specific sizes, orientation, systems, quantities, location, complete fabrication and assembly.

LOD 500

As Built

Modelled as constructed and field verified in terms of shapes, quantities, size, orientation and location.

kitting axon_edited.jpg

Kitting by rooms or smaller areas can be extremely beneficial for the company, as it informs them of exact quantities, shapes, orientations and locations of elements on the site. This practice saves a lot of time and allows for better planning and prefabrication. 

elevation rxr.PNG
3D Scanning

Generating a Point Cloud could be essential in ensuring smooth construction process. It helps to verify accuracy of dimensions and overall site conditions.

It allows for comparing "built work"  against "designed work", which minimizes amount of errors and saves time on site. We can provide a ready to use Point Cloud in variety of files as well as shop drawings with dimensions. 

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